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I am May Calimlim. I am an educator  I am currently enrolled in UPOU PTC Course and I am enjoying the ride so much that I made this blog to help me organise my thoughts and feelings through this learning process. I enrolled in PTC course to further expand my understanding of teaching, learning and the world of a child. Also, I hope to be able to access more information about our local educational system. Honestly, I have been very critical of it (even when a student) and I would like to better understand its history, developments etc so I can be in a better position to at least healthily criticise it and possibly propose solutions.

I took Philosophy in college but I have been teaching since my undergrad years. It was primarily aimed for me to be able to save money for my expenses but through the experience, my love for teaching grew and I gained a lot of respect for teachers. My professors have been very inspiring as well and basically, my teachers were the best people I’ve met in my life so I would love to be an Educator too! A lot of books inspired me to be a teacher, my top loves are Pedagogy of the Oppressed by Paolo Freire and Deschooling Society by Ivan Illich. These books/authors shape and continue to inspire me as a teacher.

I currently work in Fairplay For All Foundation in Payatas. I have been teaching out-of-school youth for almost 3 years now. I am excited to learn more and use my knowledge to further help the community we work with.


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